Are you in harmony with the energy of spring?


Welcome to spring! This year, March 20th marks the moment we begin to emerge from our long winter hibernation and move towards the longer days and warmth of spring. Of course, Coloradoans know there is plenty more “winter” to come; however, if you take a look around, you might be able to see the stirrings of tiny green plants stretching out of the soil.

Internally, you might be feeling that same hint of a “push” – the feeling of wanting to stretch your arms and welcome the sun, or simply just to move. Perhaps you’re feeling the drive to “spring clean” your house and start afresh. Or maybe you’re feeling a little stir crazy, and even irritable, from being in your winter abode for so long.

These feelings are all very natural and reflect the seasonal and energetic shift around us and within us. Of course, adding COVID to this mix has most likely compounded these feelings and makes our internal and external spring cleaning that much more important this year.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is ruled by the Wood Element and corresponds to the Liver and Gall Bladder organs. The Wood Element is the element of change, new beginnings, and transformation. It is the energy of movement and growth. Emotionally, it rules our drive and excitement for “newness”, flexibility, and passion for growth. The Wood Element also loves to plan and organize and can become irritated or angry when not able to do so.

On a physical level, the Liver and the Gall Bladder’s energetic systems are monumentally important for our overall detoxification process, digestion, and immune system. Everything that comes into our physical body is processed by the Liver in one form or another, making it very susceptible to toxicity and fatigue. As spring comes into our lives, it’s the perfect time to refresh our Liver organ both emotionally and physically.

When our Liver and Gall Bladder energy is within balance, this spring “drive” will flow easily through us and we’ll feel productive, motivated, and excited without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. When this element is out of balance, we might feel “stuck”, irritable, or even depressed. These feelings – although a very natural response – signifies that we may need a little rebalancing. Spring time is the perfect time to “reset” mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Through a gentle liver cleanse – using both acupuncture and herbal medicine – we can help your mind and body brush off the cobwebs and greet the brand new season with a sense of clarity, fluidity, calm, and joy. Physically, this will kickstart the metabolism and immune system and help your body detox from the winter months.

From a holistic perspective, we believe that we are at our most healthiest and happiest when we live in harmony with the seasons – so join us for a balancing treatment and start your spring feeling refreshed, inside and out!

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