How To Trust Your Intuition in Love


Are you ignoring your intuition? There’s nothing worse than going through a breakup and realizing that the nagging voice in the back of your head that had been warning you all along was actually right about this person.

Hindsight… yes, it is 20/20.

Your intuition doesn’t lie.

It’s just that our ego wants what it wants, and sometimes, we just aren’t that skilled at noticing the cues that our intuition provides. Wouldn’t you love to know up front if a partner was the right one for you, before you invested your heart into the relationship?

Of course, we don’t always know. Sometimes people change, and we find out that the person we fell in love with is not the person in front of us now. But, in most cases, there should be some ways to pay attention ahead of time and have a solid idea if you’re dating the wrong person.

Intuition can be subtle, or it can be a loud knock at the door of your mind. It might be a physical feeling in your body that just feels off when you’re with someone. Or, it may be that inner voice inside that keeps repeating the same thing over and over.

The key is to know how your own intuition speaks to you, and then to TRUST it.

How do you do that? Build Confidence Over Time.

If you struggle with trusting your gut, try learning to trust it over time. This can be done by recognizing the times that you had that gut feeling or that voice in your head saying “danger!!”, but you ignored it, only to find out it was right later on. Even if you have to pay attention in retrospect, use that experience to build your confidence in your gut’s ability to guide you in the right direction.

Use Your Intuition in Other Areas of Life

Dating is an easy place to ignore intuition, as we are clouded by powerful attraction inducing chemicals that are secreted in the brain. They provide a great high when we are with the right partner. However, this high can be deceiving if it makes us overlook red flags. Because of this, it’s important to have a few sober reminders that you are aware of prior to getting high on love, so that you be sure you’re able to see clearly when the rush hits.

Trust Your Body

Do you feel your body expand in confidence, or do you shrink in fear?

Do you feel uneasiness anywhere?

Notice your gut and heart areas, in particular. They are important energy centers that

hold a lot of emotion, especially around relationships.

Do they feel tight, tense, or fearful? Or do they feel settled and trusting?

Also notice what’s coming up for you when you’re with your partner.

Are you feeling yourself pull away?

Do you keep having thoughts in your head that something isn’t right?

Sometimes the information is subtle, but it is always there if you learn to listen.

If you don’t feel anything clearly at first, keep practicing.

When practiced daily, this can help you learn the difference between the feeling of just having a desire for a relationship to be what you want it to be, and the reality of what it is.

*This article was originally published on Digital Romance, Inc. by Chelli Pumphrey.

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