Is Your Heart Armored?

If you’ve had pain, heartbreak, and disappointment in your life, chances are your heart might be wearing a heavy suit of armor. Your armor might be really good at protecting you from opening up to vulnerability and risk of further pain and disappointment, but is it really serving you? Could your armor be preventing you from taking a risk that could lead to love, happiness, or success?

Armored hearts can make it impossible to feel deep love, success, and the richness of life. What if it was holding you back from experiencing that very thing that was meant to make your life happy and fulfilled?

Its important to cultivate the ability to keep your heart open, even when you feel like it is unbearable. That can be a terrifying thought for some people. Or you may not even know what it means to “take the armor off of your heart” because this concept is new to you. Think of it this way. Have you ever kept a bandage on a wound too long, and then it looked like it needed to “breathe” to heal? Then you took off the bandage and…it get’s better! You removed the barrier between the wound and the world, and it began to heal. Your heart needs to be exposed to the world to heal in much the same way.

Sometimes it takes small steady steps to take off the armor piece by piece, and learn to trust again. Sometimes you just remove the whole suit and leap! Either way, you must remove the armor. You must learn to trust that your heart is able to tolerate the depths of every emotion- happiness, pain, fear, joy. You have the capacity to feel it all and the capacity to heal it all.

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