I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about something everyone seems to be talking about right now…#MeToo. Some of you feel empowered, and others may feel triggered with a lot of emotion and memories.

This goes out to men and women. I know you are all being affected. Of course, my door is open to you if you need to talk about what’s coming up for you. I will also offer the post I wrote on Facebook to share with you.

I am speaking for my sisters (and brothers) who can’t speak. While there are many of us who are able to share our stories of the sexual harassment and violence we ALL experience as women, there are many more who are not able to share this vulnerable truth on the internet. This is often for good reason.

As you know, I am a trauma therapist and I’ve specialized in working with sexual assault and incest for most of my career. And yes, I have had countless personal experiences of sexual harassment, along with my own sexual assault experiences. While this #metoo movement is empowering and important in raising awareness, it has also been very triggering for many women who are not ready to deal with their trauma…or perhaps they have addressed it, but the pain is still there. For every #metoo you’re seeing on your screen, I promise you, there are millions upon millions in this world who are not speaking their truth.

This is why I speak for you, my sisters (and brothers). I speak for you who are trying to forget that which you are being forced to remember right now. I speak for you who have felt too scared, ashamed, or embarrassed to speak your truth. I speak for those of you who don’t remember because it was too painful to do so. I speak for you who think it was your fault. I speak for you who didn’t say “no” because you knew that if you didn’t, you’d be hurt, you’d lose your job, or someone else would be hurt.

Its ok if you can’t share your #metoo story. We can speak for you. We know you are there and we wrap you in our arms with love and carry your voice out into this man’s world, so that hopefully, someday, it is safe not only to be a woman in this man’s world, but to speak your truth about it.

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