What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing

What is energy healing? Great question. Let’s start with the science and history behind energetic and alternative healing:

All matter (including us) is made up of molecules vibrating at varying frequencies. A solid, more static something (like a rock) vibrates at a more constant frequency. Like other more malleable things, our vibration (humans) can vary depending on many factors. Often, intense circumstance can cause lower vibrational or stuck vibrational states. Furthermore, our thoughts and emotions hold differing vibrations – though I suspect we all already knew this by way of how we FEEL when we’re in a state of sad or angry vs. grateful or happy, for example. Energy healing encourages flow and movement and can bring our vibration to higher (more optimal) frequencies again.

Different cultures have been studying the body’s energy centers for thousands of years and many different therapies have been proven to positively affect the flow of our energetic systems. Acupuncture, Energy Healing Modalities (like Reiki), Reflexology, and Cranial Sacral are just a few examples of therapies that stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.

Why would someone want to receive energy healing work?

We are often very adept at rationally understanding our way through and around things (challenges/past pains/etc.) in our lives. However, traumas (mini or major) typically lie deeper within our emotional, physical, and energetic systems. Our rational understanding and awareness can only take us so far. Energy healing work offers the opportunity for individuals to fully heal and move on from past pains, so they can experience a reality where ‘the old’ is no longer getting in the way.

What is Energy Hygiene?

We have all learned to brush our teeth daily for healthy oral hygiene. Keeping your energetic body “clean” is no different. I am passionate about helping people develop and maintain healthier energy states, which creates a healthier and more ‘boundaried’ YOU … which affects every part of our lives.

What Can I Expect in An Energy Healing?

An energy healing is like creating the optimal environment for your system – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic – to “come home.” To come home to a whole, present, relaxed and highly supported state; offering you a visceral experience that is powerfulin your healing journey. Many have described it as the most relaxing and up-lifting thing they have done, like meditation on steroids.

After we spend some time talking about what you’d like to focus your healing on, you will lay on a table and quietly spend the session “receiving” an energy healing from me. Some people feel sensations in their body, or may experience emotional releases. Others may simply feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

In this highly supported state, our collective intention enables and empowers your system to do what it innately/naturally knows to do: CLEAR, ALIGN and HEAL ITSELF. I will guide you to set a mindful healing intention for your session which is applied with great presence and my loving interest in being part of your healing journey. It allows you to remember, reclaim and recalibrate the true, power-full, healing, creative, calm, and present capacity that is you.

Anything that resonates or vibrates below the high-vibrational healing frequency can and is easily “alchemized” or dissolved, allowing for a release of that which no longer serves you. This positions you to experience more optimal health, self-alignment, clarity, capacity, relaxation and ease.

It clears you to be more YOU. Our divine “make-up” (body, mind, spirit, energetic) is so very intelligent!

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