Alexi Neal

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Reiki Master

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Reiki + Tarot

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Alexi started practicing yoga when she was just twelve years old, following along with videos of Rodney Yee in the living room with her mother. In 2012 she completed her first yoga teacher training, but after six years of teaching she found that there was a deeper layer of work calling to her. This eventually led to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, where she completed her 600 hour certification in 2018.

Through this process, Alexi discovered how her own body was clinging to past traumas, and impacted every layer of her life. Now her passion is in helping people rediscover their strength and wisdom in the aftermath of grief and trauma. Having experienced both the empowerment and acceptance that comes from embodied processing, she decided to give all her energy to offering this transformation to others.

Outside of yoga and this practice, Alexi loves to hike, is always in the middle of a few books, and relishes a good cup of chai tea.