Is it depression, anxiety, or adrenal fatigue? Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are often missed or mistaken for mental health problems. Learn more at Trilogy.

We live in a fast-paced society where intellect, logic and having the ‘right’ answer at the ready are typically highly valued. Being busy is a badge of honor and the harder we work (often at the expense of our mental and physical health) the more we are rewarded and ad...

January 24, 2019

A mental feedback loop is created when we feel anxious, and our thoughts begin looping around and around. This creates more stress in the body, which makes anxious thinking worse as well. Here are some tips to help you stop the feedback loop and manage your anxiety.

May 15, 2018

Many of us have heard that meditation is good for our mental well being but did you know that it has many benefits for your physical health too?  

A study by Harvard Medical School found that forms of deep relaxation, such as yoga and meditation, can alter our bodies at...

December 27, 2017

The modern dating world can test the confidence of a superhero. It takes strength to put yourself out there with the hope of being swiped, liked, and winked at

December 27, 2017

Are you ignoring your intuition? There’s nothing worse than going through a breakup and realizing that the nagging voice in the back of your head

September 7, 2017

What do you think of when you hear the word inflammation? Does your face grimace with thoughts that you have too much inflammation in your body? Do you feel like everyone is talking about anti-inflammatory “this” and “that” and not sure what is real and not?

The truth i...

June 18, 2017

Summer in Denver is an interesting time. We come out of our winter hibernation, and suddenly, the whole city comes alive. It seems like everyone is laughing

February 1, 2017

As the political climate of our country heats up, so do our feelings of anger, fear, hopelessness, and powerlessness. These days, I seem to be discussing the

December 14, 2016

It’s the holiday season! What a wonderful time of the year, bringing with it all the holiday decorations, yummy food and a time to catch up with friends and family. But it also comes with more commitments, spending more time in the kitchen, running around in the freezi...

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January 24, 2019

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