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Want a deep dive into a personalized, private breathwork session with Claudia? 

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2 hour session for $175.  

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Breathwork allows for a deep exploration of one's psyche to uncover the old stories, blockages, traumas, or resistances we have that are not serving us.  It allows us to work through these, bringing healing and clarity, so we can deepen our connection to our truest selves and spirit. For some this practice is a spiritual journey inwards or the deepest state of relaxation, for some it's like hours of therapy, and for others it can be beautifully psychedelic. This fully guided experience is different for everyone, but at a bare minimum, you will have a powerful, healing meditation. On the other side of the spectrum is an infinite amount of life changing possibilities, benefitting your mind, body, and spirit. 

Benefits available:
☼ Reduce stress and anxiety
☼ Improve blood pressure and the alkalinity of your blood (related to stress levels)
☼ Heal unresolved experiences, emotions, and trauma stored in the body
☼ Release patterns and stories that no longer serve you
☼ Boost your intuition and spiritual evolution
☼ Safe way to achieve an expanded state of consciousness
☼ Heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
☼ Clarity, peace, calm, flow, love, and so much more...

Please create your space prior to the class with a yoga mat (optional if at home), pillow, blanket(s), water, and eye mask. Please don’t eat a big meal in the 2-3 hours prior, and wear comfortable clothes. Be mindful about consuming drugs or alcohol prior as it can dull or limit the experience. 
You will receive a Zoom link the day of the session. I will play music through zoom and recommend headphones or a quality speaker. 

**Conscious Breathwork is not a substitute for clinical mental health treatment.  Claudia Nanino is not a licensed mental health provider.  This practice is a complimentary, holistic offering only.