Do you know who you want to work with and you’re ready to dive in?  Schedule with a therapist directly using the “Schedule Session Now” button.  

Not sure where to start or who to choose as your therapist?  Want to make sure we are a good fit?  Schedule a free consultation by reaching out to our Client Relations Manager to learn about our therapists, process, or other questions.  She can schedule you with a therapist for your consultation call if you choose this route.  

*We are now offering in-person psychotherapy, Reiki, nutrition, and yoga for clients who can provide proof of fully COVID vaccination. If you are not fully vaccinated, or simply prefer it, we still offer Telehealth for therapy, Reiki, and nutrition. Acupuncture clients may still attend in-person sessions, but must remain masked for the duration of their visit if they are not fully vaccinated.

Located in Capitol Hill  at 739 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203

P: 720-440-4141 | F: 720-325-2399 | E: [email protected]

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Now offering both Telehealth and in-person sessions! See our contact page for details.