Anxiety Treatment

Do you often feel anxious, worried and afraid?

Dealing with stress and worry is normal for everyone, but for some people, the worry and stress can feel paralyzing. Anxiety can make people afraid to ask for help when they need it most. Anxiety treatment can help you identify and cope with your fears and worries. You may feel anxiety in these ways:

  • Constant worry or “obsessing”
  • Fears or phobias
  • Always expecting that the worst out of a situation
  • Feeling restless, on edge, and fidgety
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Feelings of panic (racing pulse, hot flashes, chills, shortness of
  • breath, tightness in your chest or abdomen, intestinal upset,
  • fear of dying or having a heart attack, feeling detached from your body)
  • Difficulty falling or stay asleep
  • Feeling over-alert or hyper-vigilant or unable to relax
  • Overeating or under-eating
  • Fear of social situations
Anxiety Treatment

Many people struggle with the emotional, physical, and mental symptoms of anxiety.

It is common to feel physical responses in our bodies when we feel anxious.  Our brains often get triggered when stressed or scared, and we have a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. This response was meant to help us survive dangerous situations. However, sometimes our brains malfunction, and decide that everything is a threat, and we start feeling the physical reactions of “fight, flight, or freeze” at times when there is no danger, or when we need to feel brave, but our brain wants us to run the other way!

Sweaty palms, racing heart, shortness of breath, a feeling of panic…. This is all part of your brain helping you survive. It is helpful if you are trying to survive a life- threatening situation, but not so helpful in a job interview, on a date, or just going into a public place!  When you learn about the mechanics of anxiety and develop actual tools to help you cope with uncomfortable or even terrifying sensations, you can gain a sense of confidence in life you may have never felt before.

Is your anxiety so severe that you're afraid to leave your house?

Call us. Email us. We understand the nature of anxiety, and this is a common problem that many people face. Together, we can work to find a solution to help you find relief. We offer phone and Skype sessions. We can also talk about strategies to help you calm your anxiety and come to anxiety treatment sessions in person.

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