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What is EMDR?

Are you searching for a holistic therapist in Denver, CO? 

At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we are holistic therapists that provide EMDR services in Denver, CO. Our therapists are committed to working with you to help you overcome any obstacles preventing you from living your life to the fullest potential. We provide a safe, confidential environment to discuss your thoughts, emotions, and struggles. Through EMDR therapy, you can find relief from significant stress caused by those unresolved memories and experiences. 


If you have experienced something traumatic that you feel challenged to overcome, EMDR can help you find relief.  EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This may sound like a complicated term.  Basically,  EMDR is an evidence based, scientifically proven method that can help you reduce intense emotions and reactions connected to traumatic events you’ve experienced.

EMDR works to help your brain process stressful information in a new way, so that you can stop  engaging in a "fight or flight” response when you are reminded of the memory or information.  With EMDR, you can remember a traumatic event without the racing heart, sweating palms, and other stress responses. Or for some, you can begin to remember and integrate the memory into your conscious experience, instead of avoiding it completely due to the intense feelings it evokes.  If you are struggling with persistent memories of a traumatic event or anxiety, and are searching for an EMDR therapist, contact Trilogy Holistic Mental Health. 

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How Does EMDR Work?

In an EMDR therapy session, you focus on the traumatic memory or experience that is causing stress, while our therapist guides you through using something called “bilateral stimulation”.  What we’ve learned is that when we use certain types of back and forth movement on your body, while you are thinking about the stressful memories, your brain is able to process the memory and eventually decrease the intense emotional charge associated with it.  


Initially, EMDR therapists were taught to use eye movements (you would watch a light or our fingers moving back and forth while thinking of the memories).  We now know that there are other methods besides eye movements that are more comfortable and equally effective.  Most Trilogy Holistic Mental Health therapists use “tappers”; two small plastic pods that gently pulse back and forth in your hands, or we use headphones with alternating beeps in your ears.  We can also do EMDR remotely in telehealth sessions using a program with these beeps or eye movements.  


Through these bilateral movements, your brain can healthily process the memory, eventually decreasing intense emotions. We repeat the eye movement until the terrifying event feels less traumatic and doesn't bring on a severe emotional charge. Through the combination of the bilateral stimulation movements and a focus on the memory, your brain processes the memory safely. It creates a positive response, so you do not experience intense fear at the thought of the event.

The Benefits of EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy can help individuals in various ways and bring harmony to mind, body, and spirit. While EMDR does not eliminate the memory as a whole, it helps you confront it without feeling waves of panic, terror, or avoidance. After EMDR treatment, a person will no longer relive the images, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings when remembering the traumatic event or experience. There are many different benefits to EMDR that can improve your quality of life. Through EMDR, you can increase confidence and calmness during a stressful time. It can also boost self-esteem, which may allow you to find greater success in job interviews, career, dating, and other areas of your life. Below, we break down a few of the many benefits of EMDR. 

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Manage Stress

Through EMDR therapy, you can minimize the level of stress in your day to day life. With hectic work schedules, parenting, chores, and other responsibilities, stress can lead to burnout. Everyday stresses take a toll over time if not dealt with, and can lead to complete exhaustion. Whether you are grappling with trauma or a multitude of other stressors, EMDR works to minimize that anxiety. With an occasional EMDR session, you can release any built-up stress and work on healthily processing your stress.

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Recover from Trauma

EMDR works to help those who have experienced trauma, which can include combat, witnessing a death, or any event that disrupts your day due to overwhelming stress. Trauma and anxiety often reside deep within the nervous system and can cause an array of physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. Recent advances in trauma treatment have demonstrated that we experience traumatic events through our senses (touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing) so memories are stored in our bodies and nervous system, often more than in our conscious minds.  EMDR is highly effective at helping this stored trauma release from the body in ways that talk therapy is unable to do successfully.  Through Bilateral stimulation during an EMDR session, both sides of the brain are employed to reprocess memories that trigger an emotional response. EMDR has shown to help with anxiety, nightmares, grief, and traumatic events. 


Continuous Self Improvement

While EMDR is known to help with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions, it can also improve your overall well being. EMDR treatment can be beneficial to everyone throughout different stages of their lives. Transforming negative thoughts into a positive view helps improve your health, relationships, performance at work, and more.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective, natural healing

occurs when we nurture the whole person:

body, mind, and spirit.  

Healing the Mind
Healing the Mind

We believe that inside every one of us is the innate capacity to heal.  Sometimes we just need the right amount of compassion, guidance, and skill to help us access this ability. We're here to help you on your healing journey. We offer mental health therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples with a unique holistic approach focused on the mind, body, and spirit for the most effective healing.

Healing the Body
Healing the Body

We believe that the mind cannot be healed with talk therapy alone. We pay attention to the body, and believe that it holds great wisdom and the capacity to help you heal. Along with traditional psychotherapy, we also offer acupuncture, nutrition, Reiki & energy healing, and mind-body focused practices like EMDR to help you achieve optimal health.

Healing the Spirit
Healing the Spirit

Things like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and energy healing, or retreats in nature can help us find peace when life feels challenging. We also believe that we are not just our bodies, our thoughts, and our minds. This is why we offer energy healing that nurtures our entire being. Whether you have religious or spiritual beliefs, or no belief at all, we believe that tapping into something outside of us, even if it is the beauty of nature, it can be a powerful tool in our healing.


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