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Nancy Newhook

Sexual Trauma Support Group for Women

  • Lead by Nancy Newhook, LCSW

  • 6 Week Support Group

  • September 28-November 2, 2021,  6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

  • 739 Sherman St, Denver, CO 

  • $240 for entire series

If you are a woman who has experienced any type of sexual abuse in your lifetime, this is an excellent group to begin or supplement your healing journey. Nancy Newhook, LCSW, has over forty years of experience working with trauma and sexual assault. She will guide participants through a safe, supportive experience to support you on your journey to recovery. No prior therapy experience necessary. Group will consist of both open discussion and structured exercises. This group is tentatively set to meet in person at our office, but may move to telehealth depending on current COVID regulations.

Topics will include:

  • Common reactions to sexual trauma
  • Sexual Rights and boundaries
  • Sexual Health
  • Reclaiming your sexuality
  • Coping skills such as mindfulness based techniques and breathwork

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Reiki & Restorative Yoga

  • Lead by Alexi Neal
  • In-Person Classes (739 Sherman St., Denver, CO 80203)
  • Every Other Monday Starting 11/15/21
  • 6:00 pm – 7:30pm
  • $20

We hold strong healing powers in our bodies. The parasympathetic nervous system, also called the “rest and digest” system, is powerfully activated through the practice of restorative yoga and the energy healing modality of Reiki.

In this practice, Alexi will guide long holds in deeply relaxing, meditative yoga postures, while offering Reiki healing to each individual in turn. This energy healing will gently approach the stuck energy, pain points or attachments that weigh our energy bodies down, and invite what is no longer needed to release. Activating the body’s natural healing system in this way means that the healing continues long after you get out of the pose or end your practice.

This practice will also be trauma-informed, working gently and with many options to adapt as needed. You can expect to feel relaxed and uplifted, and ready for a great night’s sleep.

​Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing. All abilities welcome.

**Yoga and Reiki are not a substitute for clinical mental health treatment. Alexi Neal is not a licensed mental health provider. This practice is a complimentary, holistic offering only.

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Taming Your Anxiety Group

  • Lead by Emily Olsen, MA, LPCC
  • Next Session Starting Fall 2021
  • A 6-week group

Are you feeling overwhelmed with worry and anxiety? Living through a global pandemic has impacted everyone, and for some, the anxiety can be debilitating. Whether it is fear of COVID, the resulting job or financial impacts, or the abrupt changes in our lifestyles, you may feel your mind spinning with worry. Emily Olsen, MA, LPCC will offer this 6-week class that will teach you skills and tools based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles to help you tame your anxiety.

Class Topics:

  • Exploring the experience of anxiety, and the costs of avoidance/control strategies
  • Values exploration: where is anxiety getting in the way?
  • Cognitive defusion: becoming “untangled” from our anxious thoughts
  • Willingness & acceptance: a new way to relate to the experience
  • The “observing self”, or “self as context”: a new way to relate to self

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Nancy Newhook

Reclaim Your Sexuality: Sexual Health After Sexual Trauma Group

  • Lead by Nancy Newhook, LCSW
  • An 8-Week Group
  • Next Series To Be Announced Soon

If you are a woman who has experienced sexual trauma, you may continue to struggle with ongoing physical and emotional effects long after the abuse is over.

Do you experience:

  • Lower frequency of sex?
  • Lower sexual desire?
  • Difficulty enjoying sex or reaching orgasm?
  • Confusion about your sexual responses?
  • Anxiety over even thinking about sex or talking about it with others?

Group Objectives:

  1. Explore your own beliefs about sex, and ways to communicate boundaries and needs to others.
  2. Learn about the impact of trauma on sexual functioning, and work to reclaim your ability to experience sexual and intimate independence, connection, safety, pleasure, and assertiveness.
  3. Learn about the range of behaviors that define intimacy and individualize the type of intimacy you want to pursue.
  4. Learn about the anatomy and process of sexual arousal.
  5. Practice mindfulness around physical sensations to increase congruence between physical and mental arousal.

This group is a way to reclaim your connection to your body and your sexuality, as you engage in a safe, sacred space with other women survivors, lead by Nancy Newhook, LCSW, a specialist in working with sexual trauma, military sexual trauma, and PTSD. All participants must meet briefly (online) with Nancy prior to acceptance into the group, and must have engaged in previous therapy around their sexual trauma. This is not a group for women who have recent or unprocessed sexual trauma. If you aren’t sure, reach out to Nancy and she will help you decide.

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