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Are you searching for a holistic therapist in Denver, CO? 

At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we are holistic therapists that provide EMDR services in Denver, CO. Our therapists are committed to working with you to help you overcome any obstacles preventing you from living your life to the fullest potential. We provide a safe, confidential environment to discuss your thoughts, emotions, and struggles. Through EMDR therapy, you can find relief from significant stress caused by those unresolved memories and experiences. 


If you have experienced something traumatic that you feel challenged to overcome, EMDR can help you find relief.  EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This may sound like a complicated term.  Basically,  EMDR is an evidence based, scientifically proven method that can help you reduce intense emotions and reactions connected to traumatic events you’ve experienced.

EMDR works to help your brain process stressful information in a new way, so that you can stop  engaging in a "fight or flight” response when you are reminded of the memory or information.  With EMDR, you can remember a traumatic event without the racing heart, sweating palms, and other stress responses. Or for some, you can begin to remember and integrate the memory into your conscious experience, instead of avoiding it completely due to the intense feelings it evokes.  If you are struggling with persistent memories of a traumatic event or anxiety, and are searching for an EMDR therapist, contact Trilogy Holistic Mental Health. 

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Types of Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapy uses a variety of approaches that focus on the body, mind, and spirit. Through energy work, herbal medicine, holistic coaching, and more, our therapists can help you cope with stress, physical ailments, and traumatic memories. We will help you explore your pain and your wellness goals in a safe, healing environment. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions can be paralyzing, and with Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, you are not alone. Our holistic therapists are committed to helping you reach your goals through several different holistic sessions. Through our holistic services, you can benefit in many ways, and have the confidence to thrive. At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we offer the following holistic therapy approaches: 


  • Acupuncture

  • Reiki & Tarot

  • EMDR

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy 

  • Holistic Health Coaching

Signs to See a Therapist

At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we are here to support and guide individuals and couples to thrive in their life and relationships. Therapy can help people overcome and cope with the emotions they are experiencing. Mental health therapy can benefit people struggling with emotional distress, life challenges, and mental health concerns. You may wonder if you need therapy and if there is a right time to go. Therapy is beneficial for a wide range of goals. It can be helpful at different stages in people's lives. Still, there are a few signs that show that anxiety or depression, or another struggle is preventing you from living a high-quality life. When any type of mental health or emotional concern affects daily life and function, therapy can help. Through holistic therapy, you can learn about your emotions, why you may be experiencing them, and how to cope. Below are a few signs that therapy may be a helpful tool to empower you.

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Social Withdrawal

Are you noticing yourself becoming uninterested or unable to maintain your regular social life? If you find yourself avoiding contact with other people or having a hard time being around groups of people, that might be a sign that you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or another condition. Often, people who are grappling with overwhelming stress, lack of energy, racing thoughts, or other signs, have a difficult time interacting with people. Therapy can help determine the root of social avoidance and provide you with the tools to help. 

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Anxious Thoughts

Anxious thoughts occur throughout everyone's lives, especially if there's an important test coming up or a work event. If your anxious thoughts prevent you from living your normal life or hinder you from leaving your home, therapy can be extremely beneficial. When these worries take up a large portion of your day and cause physical symptoms, therapy can help minimize those symptoms. Anxiety can take the form of a racing heart, sweaty palms, hot flashes, headaches, obsessive thoughts, and more. 



If you find that you are becoming hopeless and have fears of no future, therapy is a safe environment to work through those feelings. When you are losing hope or motivation to tackle school, home, or work tasks, our therapists can provide guidance. It's not uncommon to feel hopeless after a challenging period in your lifetime. Still, if it persists, it could be indicative of depression or other mental health conditions.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective, natural healing

occurs when we nurture the whole person:

body, mind, and spirit.  

Healing the Mind
Healing the Mind

We believe that inside every one of us is the innate capacity to heal.  Sometimes we just need the right amount of compassion, guidance, and skill to help us access this ability. We're here to help you on your healing journey. We offer mental health therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples with a unique holistic approach focused on the mind, body, and spirit for the most effective healing.

Healing the Body
Healing the Body

We believe that the mind cannot be healed with talk therapy alone. We pay attention to the body, and believe that it holds great wisdom and the capacity to help you heal. Along with traditional psychotherapy, we also offer acupuncture, nutrition, Reiki & energy healing, and mind-body focused practices like EMDR to help you achieve optimal health.

Healing the Spirit
Healing the Spirit

Things like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and energy healing, or retreats in nature can help us find peace when life feels challenging. We also believe that we are not just our bodies, our thoughts, and our minds. This is why we offer energy healing that nurtures our entire being. Whether you have religious or spiritual beliefs, or no belief at all, we believe that tapping into something outside of us, even if it is the beauty of nature, it can be a powerful tool in our healing.


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