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At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we are here to provide support to the Denver community. We specialize in a holistic therapy approach. Our therapists offer traditional psychotherapy, and we search for what is out of balance in the body, mind, and spirit to heal the person as a whole. Our mission is to look for what is out of balance so that we can offer healing and growth. From depression to anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health concerns, we are here to provide relief. Our mission is to use holistic therapy sessions to heal the body, mind, and spirit, as everything is connected. At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we create a safe and open environment for every individual that walks through our doors. 


Our therapists understand how much stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues can cause, and we aim to provide a comfortable, safe environment to discuss what you are experiencing. We are here to provide support through all different challenges in life and create a pathway to healing. Our compassionate therapists offer holistic healing to those struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or other mental illnesses. Through traditional therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, and EMDR, we help our clients alleviate symptoms from depression, stress, anxiety, and other conditions. Below, we break down a few of the holistic therapies that we offer at Trilogy Holistic Mental Health in Denver, CO. 

Types of Holistic Therapy

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One of the leading holistic approaches we take is through the use of reiki. Reiki is a form of energy healing that stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body. Its purpose is to restore balance to areas that have blockages. These blockages can cause headaches, anxiety, tension, and other concerns. With reiki, we work to heal the body, mind, and spirit. During a reiki session, your practitioner will understand your goals for the session, and then you will lie on a fully clothed massage table, or we will provide a distance reiki session through video. Both are equally effective. With reiki, you may experience deep relaxation, emotional releases, tingling, or other sensations. Our practitioner hovers her hands over different areas of your body to help with energy blockages. By removing energy blockages, our holistic therapists promote harmony throughout your body, mind, and spirit. 

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At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we incorporate EMDR into our treatment plan. EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an evidence based treatment that can help those who have experienced trauma. It is a highly effective treatment that can be used for many issues that may be causing you significant distress. Through EMDR, we help those struggling with a memory of a traumatic experience that is causing overwhelming stress at the thought of the event. A traumatic memory can bring on increased stress and make daily life difficult to navigate. After an EMDR treatment, a person no longer relives the horrifying images, sounds, and feelings when recalling the traumatic event. EMDR does not entirely remove the memory from your brain, but it makes it less stressful to relive and works to improve all areas of your life. We provide EMDR sessions to minimize the intensity of those memories. 



Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is a holistic and gentle treatment for many issues. In our acupuncture sessions, we use tiny needles that are much different from getting a shot, in that they are usually not painful!  The needles are gently inserted at various points on the body to help promote healing. Acupuncture can help individuals with mental, emotional, and physical health, which ties in with our holistic approach to mental health. Chinese medicine believes that physical disease and symptoms begin with an emotional, mental, or energetic imbalance. We work to remove energy blockages early to prevent physical symptoms from manifesting. Acupuncture can help with women's and men's hormonal issues and fertility, GI issues, chronic diseases, pain, illness, anxiety, and more. We take the time to learn about your symptoms to help you find relief. 

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The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

At Trilogy Holistic Mental health, we encompass the mind, body, and spirit with our therapy sessions. Holistic healing can empower people to thrive and reach their true potential. We teach the mechanics of trauma and anxiety to recognize the different symptoms and how they affect you. We also help you dig deep to get to the roots of what ails you, whether it is undiscovered or unresolved trauma, a physical imbalance in your gut causing anxiety, an unhealthy relationship making you feel unworthy of love, and more. Our therapists will work with you to explore your symptoms to find a holistic solution that works with you. With Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, you are not alone. 

Reduces Anxiety

One of the main benefits of holistic therapy is that it contributes to reduced levels of anxiety. Anxiety is often responsible for increased stress and difficulty focusing on tasks. It can make it challenging to give a presentation or even leave the house. Our therapists help restore balance throughout the entire body through a holistic approach that can empower you in everyday activities. We are here to provide relief to the worst of your anxiety symptoms. 


Treats the Whole Person 

At Trilogy Holistic Mental Health, we focus our attention on the body, mind, and spirit to help heal the entire body. From mental health conditions to physical symptoms and the spirit, holistic therapy provides relief in all areas, which is why we utilize it in our practice. We gain an understanding of your experiences, your feelings, thoughts, and mood, to get to the root of what is causing you trouble. 


Promotes a Natural Medication-free Approach

Holistic healing treatment uses natural methods such as energy healing, nutrition, lifestyle changes, traditional talk therapy, acupuncture, and other methods to provide relief. If you are looking for an organic approach and prefer to avoid medication, holistic treatment can accommodate those needs. 

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective, natural healing

occurs when we nurture the whole person:

body, mind, and spirit.  

Healing the Mind
Healing the Mind

We believe that inside every one of us is the innate capacity to heal.  Sometimes we just need the right amount of compassion, guidance, and skill to help us access this ability. We're here to help you on your healing journey. We offer mental health therapy for adolescents, adults, and couples with a unique holistic approach focused on the mind, body, and spirit for the most effective healing.

Healing the Body
Healing the Body

We believe that the mind cannot be healed with talk therapy alone. We pay attention to the body, and believe that it holds great wisdom and the capacity to help you heal. Along with traditional psychotherapy, we also offer acupuncture, nutrition, Reiki & energy healing, and mind-body focused practices like EMDR to help you achieve optimal health.

Healing the Spirit
Healing the Spirit

Things like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and energy healing, or retreats in nature can help us find peace when life feels challenging. We also believe that we are not just our bodies, our thoughts, and our minds. This is why we offer energy healing that nurtures our entire being. Whether you have religious or spiritual beliefs, or no belief at all, we believe that tapping into something outside of us, even if it is the beauty of nature, it can be a powerful tool in our healing.


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