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Chelli Pumphrey, founder of Trilogy, is a featured Dating & Relationship Expert in the movie LEAP: The Coaching Movie.  LEAP is a feature documentary which follows the lives of 4 people from different walks of life as they take a leap of faith and transform their lives through the power of coaching.  


Chelli joins a cast of many of the world's leading coaching experts, including John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Jack Canfield (Creator/Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series), Marshall Goldsmith, Cherie Carter-Scott, and many others. 

By working with top coaches in Life, Relationship, Business and Executive coaching our cast, Rob, Precious, Chad, and Soon must dig deep to uncover the blocks holding them back from achieving their highest potential and biggest dreams.

Taking a leap of faith, they overcome their greatest fears, struggle with letting go of their past mistakes and move beyond their limits into the life they desire.

Each story will explore the four basic emotions, fear, anger sadness and joy as they either triumph or get stuck along their path. Ultimately they realize that what we believe about ourselves and how we allow ourselves to express our feelings determines the life we have.

The Destination Love Talk Show

Chelli Pumphrey

Join Chelli on Destination Love, where we explore the psychology, science, and mystery of love and relationships.  We discuss attachment, masculine and feminine dynamics in relationships, dating, heartbreak, and other topics with guest experts in the field.

Destination Love is about empowering you to stop relying on fate and fairy tales to find love. This show is guaranteed to increase your awareness of yourself and others, as we explore the science, psychology, and even the more mysterious side of relationships.

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