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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a basic term for many different types of therapies (i.e. Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Bars, etc) that stimulate the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels, thereby enabling the physical and emotional bodies to work toward healing themselves. 

Why Offer Energy Healing in a Mental Health Practice?

As a holistic focused mental health practice, we utilize alternative methods of healing that are known to help people on their healing journey.  We see a lot of success with our clients who see us for psychotherapy while also receiving energy work.  While Debrah and Julie are the only practitioners currently offering this service, Chelli Pumphrey and Lesley Loftis also practice Reiki.  Quite simply, we belive that our minds, bodies, and spirits are connected, and when we use treatment methods that attend to all three of these, we can help people thrive with optimal health. 

Is Energy Healing Real?

The idea that human beings are made of energy is not a new concept.  New understandings in science have changed our ideas of what makes a human body.  Atoms which were once considered as the smallest particles that ever existed are in turn made up of subatomic energies, which have no solidity at all. Science tells us they are quite literally, packets or waves of information that vibrate. Everything that we can see (and not see) is made up of different frequencies of energy.  Energy flows through everything and creates everything, including our bodies.

Does Energy Healing Work?

Yes!  There is science behind many of these practices.  Energy healers essentially tap into your electromagnetic field in a way that prompts the body’s self-healing mechanisms. . Negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought in particular all contribute to disrupting our energy flow much more than we realize.  An energy healer helps remove blockages and disruptions of energy.  

What Should I Expect In A Session?

Your practitioner will spend some time talking to you prior to your energy healing, so that she can better understand your goals for the session.  You will then lie on a massage table, fully clothed and comfortable.  You simply close your eyes and relax while your practitioner hovers her hands over different areas of your body.  She may gently touch your body at times to help release energy.  You may experience deep relaxation, emotional releases, tingling or other sensations in your body.  Most people leave feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful, perhaps gaining new insight or awareness.  

Both Julie and Debrah offer their own unique blends of Reiki and energy healing work.  To learn more about each of them or to schedule, click on the buttons below. 

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