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Reiki & Tarot Sessions 


Reiki is the channeling of the life force of our world, for the purpose of energetic alignment and healing. By tapping into the flow of energy that moves through everything in the universe, a Reiki practitioner can guide this energy to the places where your energy body and spirit are most in need. This energy provides the support needed for your own innate healing power to awaken. 

What does Integrative Reiki mean? 

Integrative Reiki was designed by Alexi to incorporate the potential of deeper embodiment, informed by her work as a Yoga Therapist, into energy healing.  While the energy we tap into in Reiki flows through all of our tissues, embodiment practices such as breath, movement or creating shapes with our bodies help our beings to integrate the healing process even more deeply. This means that when your session ends, the healing does not stop - it is supported by your body, your nervous system, and a deeper understanding of your Self. 

Why Offer Reiki in a Mental Health Practice?

As a holistic focused mental health practice, we utilize alternative methods of healing that are known to help people on their healing journey.  We see a lot of success with our clients who see us for psychotherapy while also receiving energy work.  Quite simply, we believe that our minds, bodies, and spirits are connected, and when we use treatment methods that attend to all three of these, we can help people thrive with optimal health. 

Is Reiki or Energy Healing Real?

The idea that human beings are made of energy is not a new concept.  New understandings in science have changed our ideas of what makes a human body.  Atoms which were once considered as the smallest particles that ever existed are in turn made up of subatomic energies, which have no solidity at all. Science tells us they are quite literally, packets or waves of information that vibrate. Everything that we can see (and not see) is made up of different frequencies of energy.  Energy flows through everything and creates everything, including our bodies.

Does Reiki Work?

Yes!  There is science behind many of these practices. Reiki healers essentially tap into your electromagnetic field in a way that prompts the body’s self-healing mechanisms. . Negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought in particular all contribute to disrupting our energy flow much more than we realize.  Reiki helps remove blockages and disruptions of energy.  

What should I expect in a Distance Reiki session? 

Your practitioner will call you at the scheduled time, and take some time to learn about your needs before beginning the session. She will also support you in creating a healing environment in your own space. You will find a comfortable position and space to lie down, while your practitioner connects with your energy body.  As she moves through various parts of your being, she may narrate some of what she is finding and working with, so you can stay in touch with the flow of energy more easily. Periodically throughout your session, your practitioner will offer opportunities for you to move your own body in ways that can release, clear or expand your energy - so that the energy work becomes fully embodied and integrated into your being.  During the session, you may experience deep relaxation, emotional releases, tingling or other sensations in your body.  


50 minutes: $125

30 minutes: $95

90 minutes combined Reiki + Tarot:  $185



What is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool used for hundreds of years to connect with Spirit, guides and divine energy. While many people who utilize the Tarot are intuitives, empaths, or mediums, this is the people’s tool - it is not designed to be esoteric, but to offer direct support on our soul’s journey.  Additionally, though some people use Tarot as a fortune-telling device, it can be much more grounded and supportive to view it as a tool for the present-moment. 


There are 78 cards in a traditional Tarot deck, including the Major Arcana (cosmic forces), Minor Arcana (earthly forces), and the Court Cards (embodied energy). In a reading, your practitioner will pull a number of cards (depending on the reading, as few as 4, as many as 20). She will offer insights from these cards, ask clarifying questions, and take in your responses to get as clear and specific as possible in the guidance. 


You can ask specific questions, have general areas of interest, or simply open to whatever your guides want to offer you. 


What is Embodied Tarot? 


Embodied Tarot is a modality designed by Alexi that brings her work as a Yoga Therapist into the Tarot session.  Rather than considering the messages in the cards from only a cognitive place, embodiment practices such as breathing, movement and creating shapes in the body are used to support integrating those messages more fully. This means that your body has an opportunity to experience the growth, expansion and/or release invited by the cards immediately - and that this transformation is more likely to move with you after your session ends. 


Embodied Tarot is also a trauma informed, inclusive and diversity affirming approach. Traditional Tarot decks and readers that focus on fortune telling can be triggering for trauma survivors. Alexi’s experience with Yoga Therapy for Trauma and PTSD informs this ability to hold gentle, supportive and empowering space for her clients. 


50 minutes: $125

30 minutes: $95

90 minutes combined Reiki + Tarot:  $185

***Reiki and Embodied Tarot are not substitutes for clinical mental health treatment.  Alexi Neal is not a licensed mental health provider.  These practices are complimentary, holistic offerings only.