Energy & Reiki Healing Offerings with Julie Larkin

Reiki + Energy Healing Sessions

Your first session with Julie is at an introductory rate of $125.  This includes time to talk and process your experience and typically lasts anywhere from 75-90 minutes.

Individual Sessions

First visit: $125 / session, 1 hr, 20 minutes
Follow up visits: $150 / session,  hr, 20 minutes

3 sessions for 10% off  ($135/each)
5 sessions for 15% off  ($127.50/each)

WHY Purchase a Package?
Because like so many things, when we make the time and commitment toward more regularity or consistency around something we desire to experience or establish … it makes ALL the difference.  An easy way to understand this would be to liken it to muscle memory.  When you learn to ride a bike, that “knowledge” is forever yours. The same is absolutely true of energy work.  Once you've begun this work, you will begin to realize that you have a place of calm, peace, and a sense of "home" within you.  Like knowing how to ride a bike, you will increase your ability to return to this "home" within you the more frequently you receive and practice this work.


Healthy Boundaries Group for Women

A group for women who desire to set clear boundaries in their lives.  Are you a woman who:

  •  a highly sensitive person "HSP"?

  •  is an empath?

  •  tends to overgive and overdo?

  •  gets caught up in codependent relationships?

  •  often feels overwhelmed by others emotions or the pain in the world?

  •  would like to learn strategies to increase personal and energetic boundaries?

 If so, this group is for you!  

Topics Include:

  • Understand YOU and your beautiful, heart-centered constitution.

  • Learn easy and effective tools to assist you in setting healthy and loving boundaries in work  and relationships.

  • Support yourself in a safe group setting while making these empowering changes. (Remember that you are NOT alone. And, the collective group energy is a powerful space to help you grow exponentially! 

  • Experience more and more your true, innate, power-full AND loving self/state of being.


NEXT GROUP STARTS FALL 2019.  Sign up here to get on the waitlist.


Trilogy Holistic Mental Health

739 Sherman St. #205, Denver, CO 80203


$150 (for entire 4 week session)

If you're interested but this time frame doesn't work, please contact Julie anyway... this group will be repeated in the fall. 

To sign up or learn more, click below:


Coach/Mentorship + Energy Program

Looking for more support to assist you in making long-term, specific, and sustainable positive shifts in your life?   Consider the Coach/Mentorship + Energy Program.  This kind of guided support is geared 100% toward YOU and helping you experience more and more ease, flow, and success that you are absolutely capable of … we all need a bit of support and guidance toward that gorgeous end!  Reach out for a no-obligations (for real!) conversation … I highly value helping an individual settle in to the next BEST steps for them!


Allow me to also say this … if you are seeking a coaching program to enhance your business or career … consider THIS program.  At the end of the day … YOU ARE your business.  A program such as this one is beautifully geared toward YOU stepping more and more fully into your full capacity and thus success.  And, as this anchors in you… you’ll see/experience that it actually does NOT need to be such an up-hill journey.


3 month = $1500

5 month = $2500



Two (2) Coach/Mentorship + Energy Sessions per Month

One (1) 20-min Phone Check-In per Month

Full, Individually-tailored Curriculum for Your Forever-Use

Unlimited email access

To learn more, click the button below to contact Julie:

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