Energy & Reiki Healing Offerings with Julie Larkin

Reiki + Energy Healing Sessions

Your first session with Julie is at an introductory rate of $125.  This includes time to talk and process your experience and typically lasts anywhere from 75-90 minutes.

Individual Sessions

First visit: $125 / session, 1 hr, 20 minutes
Follow up visits: $150 / session,  hr, 20 minutes

3 sessions for 10% off  ($135/each)
5 sessions for 15% off  ($127.50/each)

WHY Purchase a Package?
Because like so many things, when we make the time and commitment toward more regularity or consistency around something we desire to experience or establish … it makes ALL the difference.  An easy way to understand this would be to liken it to muscle memory.  When you learn to ride a bike, that “knowledge” is forever yours. The same is absolutely true of energy work.  Once you've begun this work, you will begin to realize that you have a place of calm, peace, and a sense of "home" within you.  Like knowing how to ride a bike, you will increase your ability to return to this "home" within you the more frequently you receive and practice this work.


*Julie has limited availability at this time.  Please contact our Client Relations Manager at 720-440-4141 or at  to schedule.  

Coach/Mentorship + Energy Program

Looking for more support to assist you in making long-term, specific, and sustainable positive shifts in your life?   Consider the Coach/Mentorship + Energy Program.  This kind of guided support is geared 100% toward YOU and helping you experience more and more ease, flow, and success that you are absolutely capable of … we all need a bit of support and guidance toward that gorgeous end!  Reach out for a no-obligations (for real!) conversation … I highly value helping an individual settle in to the next BEST steps for them!


Allow me to also say this … if you are seeking a coaching program to enhance your business or career … consider THIS program.  At the end of the day … YOU ARE your business.  A program such as this one is beautifully geared toward YOU stepping more and more fully into your full capacity and thus success.  And, as this anchors in you… you’ll see/experience that it actually does NOT need to be such an up-hill journey.


3 month = $1500

5 month = $2500



Two (2) Coach/Mentorship + Energy Sessions per Month

One (1) 20-min Phone Check-In per Month

Full, Individually-tailored Curriculum for Your Forever-Use

Unlimited email access

To learn more, click the button below to contact Julie:

Julie's Training & Experience:

  • Professional Holistic Life Coach Certification​​

  • Certifications in Reiki, Drisana, and Healing Touch Energy Modalities

  • Boulder Psychic Institute education + mentorship

  • Mentorship with Heather Lenox - Touch Me There - client-led energy modality

  • Education and Mentorship with Kathleen McGarry - Crystalline Acu-Care

  • Education with Mastering Alchemy - Energy Management

From a very young age, I always “got people.” I understood them. I could "feel" their strengths and was never shy about telling them how I thought they were amazing.

Learning about people's passions, gifts, strengths AND their trials, struggles and pain is something that fills my heart. I value this kind of vulnerable dialogue and witnessing, and know that it is here that we all heal.

In my 30’s and 40’s I began to truly integrate and claim my gift of being able to truly see, feel, and understand people on an energetic level.  With this intuitive integration, I am now able to share with my clients what I see in them, and effectively help them live in greater alignment with their truth. ​


Our inner transformation doesn’t need to be long, painful, or such an uphill battle. We also don’t have to do the “heavy lifting” alone. We are ALL such a beautiful blend of strength and we all have our own versions of an Achilles heel. Energy healing and my unique blend of intuitive guidance can help you find healing on a deeper level. 

Julie Larkin, Energy Healer + Intuitive Mentor

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