Talia Adler, RD

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

Talia’s Education + Training

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, RDN

  • Dietetic Internship, University of Northern Colorado 

  • B.S., Dietetics, University of Northern Colorado 

  • B.A., Psychology, Raphael Recanati International School, IDC Israel

  • Shoshana Harari Continued Education, Integrative and Functional Medicine with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine

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As a Registered Dietitian with a holistic approach, I believe that our minds and bodies are inextricably connected and therefore we need to address all aspects of ourselves in order to heal. The goal is to achieve maximum wellbeing, to function optimally and to be the best we can be. In order to do that we need to address the body, sleep, stress management and emotional and mental health.


Symptoms, whether physical or mental, function to communicate with us and push us towards action. When we learn to listen to our bodies, we can give it what it needs to thrive. By establishing healthy habits and lifestyle changes, rather than dieting, we can find a sustainable balance that fits our lives. Once we find this balance, our bodies are empowered to repair, heal and give us a better life experience.


I help my clients with digestive and gut health, fatigue and insomnia, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar regulation (pre-diabetes and diabetes), metabolic health (including organ health- heart, liver, kidney, etc.), skin issues, weight management, stress management and adrenal fatigue, energy, inflammation, and more. The road to optimal health is an individual journey, and every decision we make affects our overall experience. On this journey we are meant to take action, challenge ourselves and live a life of adventure.  I believe that getting out of our comfort zone, from the known into the unknown, encourages growth and enhances well-being.

Step-by-step, I will work with you on individualized tools and healthy habits relating to nutrition, sleep, stress, energy, digestion and any other factors that influence your well being.  At the end of each session you will leave with clear and attainable goals to work on between sessions.  While guiding you towards your goals I am here to provide unique insights, support, and motivation and to help you overcome any challenges along the way.