Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

Alexi Neal

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Offering Classes & Individual Sessions (remotely for now)

5 Week Online

Women's Trauma Yoga Therapy Group

Next Group Series To Be Announced Soon! (Private sessions are still available)

All classes will be done using Zoom video

Cost for 5 week group: $100

Includes extra class recordings to continue your practice at home between sessions.

**Week 3 includes a silent retreat on your own with no live class instruction.  Details will be provided for this deeply healing evening of self-love and reflection.

Join Alexi Neal, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist specializing in trauma and PTSD, for this series of trauma-informed yoga therapy and meditation classes. In this process, you will learn to engage your body with the profound awareness, acceptance and choice that allows trauma to transform. 


Trauma takes many forms, but often has similar impacts on our lives. Our bodies hold our traumatic memories, creating patterns that play out over and over in our lives and relationships.  At the heart of these patterns is the role of the nervous system, the automatic way our bodies respond to the world around us. Whatever your experience, you can enter this space knowing that you will be held in your process, validated, and encouraged to step into your own authentic wisdom. Yoga has been proven to assist in the unravelling of these patterns, especially when attention is paid to how movement and breath interact with the nervous system. 


Alexi specializes in working with trauma through the lens of empowerment and acceptance. These patterns and symptoms are not flaws, but rather the coping mechanisms you needed to survive. Now, you have all the wisdom, knowledge and tools needed to thrive. This series will provide a process to allow you to connect, in an embodied, authentic way, with that wisdom. In the course of this connection, as we move our bodies with curiosity and acceptance, our nervous system is given permission to settle, allowing our innate healing potential to activate.


Each week, we will work with a theme that allows us to connect with a different facet of this process. These themes build on each other, providing you with a complete process of embodied transformation that can be engaged again and again throughout our lives. While the themes connect with the universal experiences of self-connection and transforming trauma, they express themselves in unique ways for each one of us. 


With these themes in mind, we will move our bodies, with breath and awareness, seeking out edges - the places of just enough discomfort, a safe space of curiosity. This is where our brains and nervous systems have the opportunity to shift. This is also where we have the opportunity to discover our own inner knowing. 


We will end each session with meditation - starting with a short period of time and lengthening as the course progresses. As our ability to hold all of ourselves with love and compassion increases, this meditative space can become a sanctuary as well as a mirror. 


Each week you will be given journal prompts, a recorded practice to use in between sessions, as well as access to a closed Facebook group to share experiences and support each other. 


No yoga or meditation experience is needed to benefit fully from this process. 


Please note that this is a closed group, which means that we will allow no new participants to join once we have begun.  This helps ensure a safe, comfortable space for all. Commitment to all sessions is necessary.


Individual Yoga Therapy work is appropriate for survivors who are just beginning to tap into their bodies, that would like more focused and personalized support to unravel their stored trauma, or who feel nervous and tender about starting the embodiment process.


In an individual session, you can expect gentle, step-by-step guidance, as well as the opportunity to dialogue throughout the session. This supports deeper awareness and connection to your body, and therefore, to your authentic, healing Self.

Fee:  $130 for a 60 minute session

About Alexi

Alexi started practicing yoga when she was just twelve years old, following along with videos of Rodney Yee in the living room with her mother. In 2012 she completed her first yoga teacher training, but after six years of teaching she found that there was a deeper layer of work calling to her. This eventually led to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, where she completed her 600 hour certification in 2018. 


Through this process, Alexi discovered how her own body was clinging to past traumas, and impacted every layer of her life. Now her passion is in helping people rediscover their strength and wisdom in the aftermath of grief and trauma. Having experienced both the empowerment and acceptance that comes from embodied processing, she decided to give all her energy to offering this transformation to others. 


Outside of yoga and this practice, Alexi loves to hike, is always in the middle of a few books, and relishes a good cup of chai tea.

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